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Aluminium foil

Name Alloy Condition Thickness, mm Size, mm
Aluminium foil 8011, 8079 Н-О,Н-19, 0,007 - 0,3 50х1250
1050,1100, 1235 Н-24,Н-14,
8006, 1070, 3003 Н-26

Aluminium Foil for the Food Industry:

  • Smooth hard/soft (embossed) foil
  • Painted (embossed) and coloured foil 
  • Foil backed/laminated with paper (printed, embossed)
  • Lacquered (flexo-printed/painted, embossed) foil
  • Foil laminated with paper/water- and grease-proof paper (printed, printed)

Aluminium Pharmaceutical Foil:

  • Foil for blister packaging

Aluminium Industrial/Construction Foil:

  • Adhesive foil 
  • Heat-insulation foil 
  • Waterproofing foil