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Aluminium tipe

Energy-Rol sp. z o.o. supplies a wide range of aluminium alloy strips or tipe such as 1050, 1060, 3003, 3005, 3105, 3104, 5005, 5052, 5754 for a variety of applications. Our experience with the manufacturers of rolled aluminium allows us to offer only quality aluminium strips to our partners and clients. The following range of aluminium strips is available in our warehouse in Poland:

  • Clad strips (with technological, standard cladding) and non-clad aluminium strips
  • Aluminium strips without heat treatment
  • Annealed aluminium strips (M)
  • Hard-drawn, 1/4 hard-drawn and 1/2 hard-drawn strips (N (H), N1 (H1), N2 (H2))
  • 3/4 hard-drawn strips (N3 (H3)
  • Standard- and high-precision aluminium strips
Name Alloy EN AW Condition Thickness, mm Width, mm
Aluminium tipe (unpainted) 1050 1060 Н0 Н111 Нх2 Нх4 Нх6 Нх8 up 0,25 to 3mm up 36 to 1500mm
3003 3005
3105 3104
5005 5052 5754

Aluminium tipe (coated)


1050 1060 3003 3005 3105 3104 5005 5052 5754


Application of Unpainted Aluminium Strips:

  • construction and repair work (sealing joints, welds)
  • manufacture of aluminium composite panels, blinds and roller-type shutters
  • manufacture of radiators for automotive industry, fabrication of welded fuel tanks, rivets, mast frames and ship hulls

Application of Painted Aluminium Strips (PVDF and PE Coating):

  • ventilated curtain walls, suspended aluminium ceilings
  • internal and external cladding, fabrication of structural elements