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Aluminium plates

Energy-Rol sp. z o.o. supplies a wide range of aluminium alloy plates to Eastern and Central Europe, as well as to Ukraine and Russia.


Name Alloy EN AW  Condition  Thickness, mm Size, mm
Aluminium plates 2017 2024 Н0 Н111 Н321 10 and high

1000*2000, 1250*2500

1500*3000, 1500*4000


5083 5754
6082 Т2 Т3 Т4 Т5 Т6 Т8 Т9


Our company offers various types and kinds of aluminium plates from a warehouse in Poland or upon request:

  • Non-clad aluminium plates
  • Standard-precision plates
  • Clad aluminium plates
  • High-precision plates