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Rolled copper

Energy-Rol sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of rolled copper from a warehouse in Poland or upon request. All products comply with EU standards and regulations. Copper pipes for air conditioners and copper electrical buses: VBS – Serbia, HALCOR, SofiaMED – Bulgaria, MKM – Germany, LUVATA – Finland, GD – France, Gindre – France.




  • Copper sheets for construction purposes
  • General purpose brass sheets
  • Copper pipes for air conditioners
  • Copper pipes for sanitary purposes
  • Copper pipes for industrial purposes
  • Copper electrical buses
  • Copper profiles
Name Production method Allow Thickness, mm Width, mm Length, mm
Copper sheets cold-rolled М1, М1р, М1ф, М2, М2р 0,4 – 10,0 600-1500 1000-6000
Copper sheets hot-rolled М3, М3р 4,0-25,0 600-1500 1000-6000
Brass sheets cold-rolled Л63, Л68, Л90, ЛС59-1 0,4-12,0 600-1500 500-2000
Brass sheets hot-rolled Л63, Л68, Л90, ЛС59-1, ЛК75В 5,0-25,0 600-1000



Copper pipes soft/hard М1, М2 6 - 140   1500х3000
Copper profiles   М0Б, М1Б, М1, М2, М3, ШМТ, ШММ, ШМТВ 4 30-50 2500х6000

Copper Grades:

  • М2, М3 – fire-refined copper (copper content 99,5-99,7%)
  • М00k (М00к), М0k (М0к), М1k (М1к), М2k (М2к) – electrolytic cathode copper, by electrolysis (99,93-99,97%)
  • M1r (М1р), M1f (М1ф), M2r (М2р), M3r (М3р) – remelted copper with phosphorus deoxidizer (99,5-99,9%, less than 0,01% of oxygen , 0,0012-0,06% of phosphorus)
  • М00b (М00б), М0b (М0б), М1b (М1б) – oxygen-free copper smelted in inert or reducing medium or in vacuum (99,95-99,99%)
  • М00, М1, М1r (М1р) – copper smelted by remelting of cathodes (99,95-99,99%)