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Profile PA 45 for Roller-Type Shutters


Energy-Rol sp. z o.o. produces PA 45 aluminium profiles for roller-type at the in-house plant in Poland. Our automated production line is equipped with modern Italian and German equipment. Quality control is ensured at all stages of production. 

Specification of the PA 45 Profile for Roller-Type Shutters  


Profile Type   РА 45
Material   Aluminium strip, painted
Alloy   3105, 3005
Thickness mm 0,23 - 0,3
Profile thickness mm 7
Filling   Foam core
Linear weight kg 0,105
Number of slats per 1 m of height pcs. 25
Max. web width mm 2,2
Max. web area m2 10
Product length  rm 6
RAL   8017, 9003, 1019, 8019, 7016, 8014
Packaging rm 240